Hello hello hello, and welcome to my little corner of the web!

My name is Cecilee (hence the website name hehe!) and simply put: I am a creator. I was the kind of kid who was happy just sitting up in her bedroom as a child tip tapping away on her computer imagining all sorts of characters in stories about life, drawing inspiration from people I knew or people that didn’t exist beyond my imagination. When I wasn’t filling my computer hard drive space with stories, I created my own little songs on a cheap keyboard with my Fisher Price tape recorder rolling in the background, picking up whatever songs came into my head.

Along with writing my own stories and composing music, I’ve added another aspect to my writing: translation. I began learning French in eighth grade and haven’t stopped learning since. By the time I was proficient enough in French that I could read most literature and not have too many comprehension problems, I realized I wanted to be a translator and act as a kind of bridge between two cultures. So I began translating songs, poems, short stories, interesting newspaper articles, anything that I wanted to share with my anglophone friends. While the original work I translate is NOT my own, it still requires quite a bit of work on my part to make it sound just as good in English as in French.

After years of keeping my writings to myself, I’ve decided to start sharing my projects with the world, both of the musical and literary kind. So come on in and take a look around, and I hope you enjoy your visit! :)